The drone set to be the next big personal tech gadget

The drone set to be the next big personal tech gadget

Move over GoPro, as accordingly to Shane Leaney, founder of Videopro, the drone is the next personal tech gadget we will all want to own in the next few years.

Shane has seen his fair share of technology changing the way we live. Shane opened Videopro 35 years ago in 1980 to deliver video, HiFi and cameras to both commercial and domestic markets; something no one in Brisbane was doing at the time. “The rate of change has been extraordinary and our thirst for this change has been relentless. When I started Videopro, video cameras were bulky and the recorder was separate. I’ve seen cassette walkmans evolve to CD discmans, to the minidisc, to the MP3 player and now to direct streaming. I’ve seen personal cameras move from film to digital. The game changer has been the smartphone as the personal video, audio and camera are now all contained in one small device.” Shane reflects,”The GoPro has also seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years, with $300 million sold in Australia alone last year. But the next big thing is the drone. Approximately $2 million of stock is sold every month in Australia currently, and the industry predicts this will increase, with $5 billion a year sold worldwide by 2017″.

To the military they’re known as UAV’s – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – to the rest of us they are commonly referred to as drones. Videopro stocks the leading two drone brands, the DJI and 3DR, and what these bad boys do is nothing short of awesome. Both are lots of fun but also a powerful videography tool, taking hobbyists and businesses to new heights. They are easy to fly, and include features like push-button flight and computer-assisted smart shots. Shane adds, “These devices are so clever in what they can do right now, I think we will be blown away in the next few years in how they will evolve to be part of our everyday lives”.

Check out these videos that showcase the capabilities of the 3DR SOLO drone and the DJI Phantom 3, available at Videopro.


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