Share your holiday snaps and travel adventures easily with Storyboard

Share your holiday snaps and travel adventures easily with Storyboard

Local lad Darren Tonkin is set to take over the world of handy and engaging travel applications with Storyboard. This mobile app offers a new way to easily capture and relay experiences with context and is also a fun way to plan your next sojourn.

During a trip to Brazil, Darren Tonkin noticed a substantial gap in current social networking platforms for organising images while travelling and relaying them to friends and family back home. With this in mind, Darren was struck by an idea to connect travellers around the world as well as offering mobile users a better chance of understanding the lives of those living in other countries. After a few months of work Storyboard was born. Storyboard is a mobile application that uploads and places image and video stories on a constantly updating map using metadata, matching uploads with geographical locations that have been visited, while also letting users follow stories of others from the across the pond.

Still in its infancy, Storyboard is hoping to expand its functionality exponentially in the near future with comprehensive video stories, compatibility on Android devices and embedding capabilities. After a big win at the Creative³ Pitch, Darren is taking the endeavour overseas to represent Australia at the Creative Business Cup in Denmark, as well as participating in a boot camp run by Silicon Valley veterans. iOS users can try out Storyboard right now, but should start getting excited for more features to come soon.


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