Turn your walls into leafy havens with an EcoQube Frame

Turn your walls into leafy havens with an EcoQube Frame

Those of us with limited living space tend to miss out on all the benefits having a garden can provide – but now Aqua Design Innovations is giving apartment dwellers a chance to grow. The EcoQube Frame is a low maintenance vertical garden that grows micro veggies and succulents that wont take up valuable real estate in your home.

Ditch the soil, the expensive vessels and the precarious hangers – indoor plants need not be expensive or a pain to maintain. The creators of the EcoQube indoor aquaponic ecosystem have done it again with their stripped-back growing system dubbed the EcoQube Frame – a stylish and low-effort way to grow decorative plants or tasty micro veggies in your home. A Kickstarter campaign has already seen a huge uptake in the idea, which will see frames shipped worldwide at the end of the year.

The EcoQube Frame allows users to grow plants inside year-round, guaranteeing a useful yield and results in a period of days. The process is a snap – simply fill a honeycombed seed pad with your choice of plant seed, add some water to the reservoir and let your green babies grow! Capillary actions draw the water up through the pad, with the seeds absorbing water and nutrients from top to bottom. EcoQube Frame is constructed using natural and compostable fibres, and is entirely mess free. Budding green thumbs are advised to get orders in promptly.


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