The Dreamers.

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What's Your Dream?

Global Dreams

"To be in a place where other teenagers like me actually believe in making a difference in the world and have the power and resources to do so. " - Phoebe , Brisbane, australia

"To be creative for the rest of my life and find my dream job in design. " - Kat , Sunshine Coast

"To be an assistant for one of the most amazing photographers. " - Xiaoyi peng , sydney, australia

"A return to the simple life. " - Nick , Auckland, nEW ZEALAND

"Share the experiences of this world through the lens of a camera... " - Michael Saunders , Brisbane, aus

"My dream is for a future where people don't have to suffer from hunger or cancer. I hope that I can help to be part of creating a future free of these issues for people. " - Cherie Everett , Brisbane, Australia


"Consistent work to fund the bigger picture... " - , Brisbane, Australia

"To create something meaningful that resonates with others. " - Amanda Schneider , brisbane, australia

"Not to stop dreaming " - Merwyn machado , brisbane, australia