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Luscious Food Cravings

The concept of decoratively plating and photographing food is one that began many years prior to the introduction of social media. For those with healthy appetites, food is a pleasure that can satisfy many senses all at once – its visual appeal only heightening the contentment that can be gained from a delicious bite.

Be it admiring the hue of a ripe peach or watching chocolate trickle from a cracked fondant, the art-like quality of food is deep-rooted in our lives and dining experiences. In an installation that plays with the idea of food’s pleasurable and photographic qualities, Luscious Food Cravings is the creation of Lenneke Wispelwey and Ido Garini of Studio Appetit.

Redefining any atypical dinner-table experience, the artwork depicts sharp, geometric porcelain dishes and cutlery piercing foods – fruits, vegetables and meats balance on pointed edges, while cauliflowers and cabbages sit mounted on walls. With the aim of establishing an unusual and absorbing eating experience, the installation sees mirrors placed about the table’s top, so that those who dare dine in the peculiar space can watch themselves eat.

Throughout its showing at Klokgebouw Main Exhibition, the collaborative work becomes the setting for the 9 Minute Feast – served at exactly 3:51 pm each day – during which diners can test curious crockery and serving implements. Alongside the installation, the design duo has also produced a recipe book that explores the project’s philosophies. Within the pages of the book, readers will find such morsels as rose petals filled with wildberry cream, aphrodisiac tasters and geometric pure dark-chocolate forms.