The Dreamers.

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An insight into what lies ahead of us in the future currently exists only as seeds in the imaginations of the thinkers, visionaries and entrepreneurs of our time. For it is these clever minds who will begin to shape our way of life with their ideas, innovations and willingness to challenge convention.

Tap into the imagination of Mexican fashion designer Enid Almanza and you might glimpse what is awaiting us in our sartorial future. Hailing from a family of painters, Enid has led a life intricately entwined with the artistic world, believing that the creation of art should come from unexpected places, objects or ideas. In his world, art is the voice of the soul, and the purest representation of who we really are. Through his label, ENID, he focuses on the creation of futuristic dresses, glasses and headpieces, working with what many people consider to be ‘ordinary’ materials, such as forks, clothes pegs and water bottles. But what others view as mundane, Enid sees as extraordinary and these materials become the tools to achieving his unusual vision.

While each of his collections is inspired by different scenarios or environments, in Enid’s mind he is always dressing the same woman who constantly keeps evolving – analogous to fashion itself. His latest collection, Illumination, finds its roots in religious iconography and references, taking inspiration from ancient civilisations and divine entities. With an aesthetic that fluctuates between moments of darkness and light, the collection explores the beauty of both, and the fact that, while we may take references from the past, we need to write our own history.