Young Franco, producer

The reason I make music is to share it with as many people as possible ...

Next Saturday August 23, the stages of more than 50 venues around Brisbane will be preparing to bear the weight of some of the country’s best musical talents and the onslaught of their smitten fans. One local lad waiting in the wings will be 20-year-old producer Young Franco, a disco-loving DJ with a knack for igniting the dance floor. Ahead of the two-day dance fest next weekend, Young Franco stepped out from behind the decks and chatted to The Weekend Edition about his favourite local venues and the hometown crowd.

You’ll be playing the Valley Fiesta at the end of August, have you been on the other side as a crowd member in previous years?
Yes definitely! My favourite thing about Valley Fiesta is that it’s all ages. So pretty much every year since I was around 14 I’d write up a list of who I wanted to see and tried to make as many as possible.

How do you find playing for the home crowd – is it calming or terrifying having friends and family in the audience?
It’s actually the best! Seeing familiar faces in the crowd is super calming and makes me enjoy myself more because it feels more like a party with friends rather than a performance.

Can we expect to see your parents tapping along on the side of stage?
Hopefully! You’ll have to ask them …

Two years ago, you were offered a residency at local venue Bowler Bar; how did that opportunity impact your musical career?
I was DJing a little bit locally and was asked by a friend, Benjamin James, if I wanted to play on a Friday. From that, I started playing regular Saturdays and got to meet heaps of awesome people and make a whole lot of new friends.

You’ve supported Flight Facilities and Yolanda Be Cool, and toured with Alison Wonderland and Wave Racer, what did you learn from these talents?
Just watching Alison and Wavey perform is inspiration to be your own person. Don’t try to impress anyone but yourself, because otherwise you’ll get too bogged down in what other people think – and that can be dangerous …

What’s been your most memorable gig so far?
Pretty much every gig at The TBC Club is memorable. Also the last show for the Alison Wonderland tour was incredible and an awesome experience.

You were 15 when you first started DJing, what kind of music were you listening to and what prompted you to get on the decks?
I was in love with a lot of hip hop music and I was really into turntablism, vinyl and scratching, and that’s basically what got me into everything else.

What other local bands or artists are you listening to?
There are a whole lot of awesome artists coming out of Brisbane at the moment, like UV Boi, Tyler Touché, DJ Butcher, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and AKST.

You’ve released a number of tracks via free download, is that something you wish to continue?
Yes definitely! I love giving people free music and basically the reason I make music is to share it with as many people as possible and hopefully this is the best way to do it. Of course there are going to be some paid releases in the future, but I’ll always be giving people as much music as I can, one way or another.

What are you working on right now?
A few cheeky remixes which I can’t really disclose at the moment, as well as a whole bunch of originals.

Help us out of the winter blues – which three songs would you feature on a summer party playlist?
‘Frontin’ (Disclosure Remix) – Pharrell feat. Jay Z
‘King & Cross’ (Saul Sweet Remix)Ásgeir
‘Giving it All’ – Bondax

How do you define success?
Being happy and doing something you enjoy.

Listen to music …
The TBC Club, Fortitude Valley.
Relax … New Farm Park.
Catch up … Brew Cafe and Wine Bar, Brisbane City.
Be inspired … Cedar Creek.


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