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Don’t have a back-up plan. The journey will provide all you need ...

It’s safe to assume that nearly every musician dreams of playing on the biggest stages at some point of their career. Sure, sold-out stadium shows are pretty big, but the biggest stage in the world would have to be the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, 180 million people viewed the iconic song competition, which eclipses every venue in the world. If you were one of those that tuned in to the song contest last year, you would have seen then 17-year old singer Isaiah Firebrace put on an incredible performance. Not only did the Australian performer earn the pride of his home country, but he also captured the attention of the world, scoring a top-ten finish and legions of new fans. With such a huge performance under his belt, Isaiah is ready to take his new music to the masses, but before he does, he will be performing for a good cause as part of the Songs of Hope and Healing benefit concert at QPAC this month. Before Isaiah takes the stage, we asked him a few questions about the wild ride he’s been on, shaking pre-show jitters and what keeps him motivated.

No one in The Weekend Edition can carry a tune, so singing is essentially a superpower to us. When did you first discover your powers?
Haha! I sang regularly with my family when I was young. I played in a band with my dad and brother singing at churches for years before I got to sing at my high school in year eight. That’s when I realised I really wanted to be a singer.

Who were some of your musical idols when you were growing up?
I have always loved Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Whitney. They can sing!

It’s safe to say that the past two years have been huge for you. What is your life like now compared to your life pre-2016?
Well it’s kind of not comparable, but I feel the same. When I’m with family nothing is different. That’s how I like to keep grounded – be with family and people who know me.

It’s cool enough that you were selected to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest, but what were your emotions like when you found out that you finished in the top ten?
I was so happy! I had so much fun. I gave it my best shot so I was really happy with that. To be able to sing and travel the world is something I dreamed about. So the emotions were high, to say the least!

After X Factor and Eurovision, you’d be no stranger to performing on big stages – what’s your secret to overcoming pre-show jitters?
For me it’s about feeling that I am in control and that I can do it. I sing all the time so I try to tell myself it’s no big deal. Just go out there and enjoy it – it’s what I love to do, so be in the moment! 

We love the concept and cause behind Songs of Hope and Healing – what inspired you to sign on for the concert this year?
I think the program provides kids with a unique creative outlet. I know for me that singing allowed me to grow into who I am now and deal with lots of stuff. I can imagine these kids all have talents. They can use them to heal and deal with issues in a way that creative expression allows. It’s really important and I hope I can help by being part of this amazing event.

You’ll be performing alongside some incredible artists – can we expect any musical collaborations for the show?
You never know. I always love performing with new people!

We hear that you’re working on your debut album! Are there any hints you can give us as to what we can expect?
I have a new single out in the next month or two. I’m so excited! I’ve been working with lots of people and the new material is exciting for me.

Finally, what are some words of wisdom that you live by? Be true to yourself and follow your dream.
Don’t have a back-up plan. The journey will provide all you need.

Catch Isaiah and a host of other performers when they take centre stage at the Songs of Hope and Healing benefit concert on Tuesday March 27. You can get your tickets here.


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