Damien Bredberg, Photographer, Damien Bredberg Photography

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like hell ...

Each image he creates is a visual feast of intense detail and creativity. An expert wielding a camera and massaging pixels, Damien Bredberg is one of Brisbane’s finest commercial photographers. Carving a niche across advertising and campaign photography, Damien takes a standard brief and transforms it into a complex, large-scale photographic journey that both captures the eye and one’s attention. But once a year he gets to step back from the brief and exert his creativity into a personal piece to raise funds for Movember. Shot just after the moustachioed month, this latest image follows a 1950s car chase scene. With this year’s image his fifth Movember contribution, these dramatic works have now garnered so much attention creatives are wanting to be a part of the production team. The Weekend Edition spoke to Damien about his weekend essentials.

How do you like to start your weekend?
A Friday afternoon wind down with a few social drinks, work debrief and catching up with mates before heading home with some takeaway.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
It would have to be a game of golf.

How do you like to unwind?
I find sport soothing and somewhat an escape from anything work related.

What are your essentials for a well-spent weekend?
Sport, a visit to the beach, and catching up with mates, great food and good drinks.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to do on the weekend but haven’t got around to yet?
I have a growing list of renovating jobs. However, I’ve made the conscious effort to let them pile and then take a week or two off from work to complete them all at once.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday evening?
Sharing a cheese platter accompanied with wine on the back deck.

What are you looking forward to next weekend?
Next weekend is all work related. I’m scheduled to fly out to the mines for a photographic assignment.

What are you reading at the moment?
Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers … It’s a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

What inspires you?
Movies, artwork and the stories of successful business owners.

What was your childhood dream?
I don’t ever recall having a dream role. But for as long as I can remember, I have always been driven by success and money.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Having started and run two successful businesses.

What is success to you?
To me, success is financial freedom. Having the ability to do what I want whenever I want with no limitations.

What are your words of wisdom?
I don’t have many words of my own, but I’ve always lived my life by one particular saying: “Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like hell.”

Only a local would know that … the best coffee in Brisbane is a Hamptons Home Living coffee.

Perk up … Golf course
Relax … The beach
Dine …  Sono, Hamilton
Indulge … Max Brenner, South Bank
Shop … Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
Catch-up … The Lark, Paddington
Be inspired … GOMA, South Bank



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