Angus Munro, Architect, Marc & Co

I like to start the weekend early with a Friday afternoon beer at The End ...

After having worked with Donovan Hill locally and Bligh Voller Nield in Sydney, Angus Munro formed architecture firm Marc & Co in 2011. Tucked amongst the bustling main street of West End, the Marc & Co office sits behind a skinny red door, which the unaware passerby would be forgiven for missing. Applying a distinctly Queensland feel throughout his work, Angus finds pleasure in merging different raw materials – whether this be an office, commercial or residential property or simply interiors. One public example of this is the wood, concrete, brick and steel coming together at Super Whatnot in Burnett Lane, which Angus designed along with architect and artisan Lachlan Nielsen. Often collaborating with like-minded firms, Marc & Co values getting hands on with each project, regularly building and testing custom-made furniture and products for a new space. The Weekend Edition caught up with Angus to chat weekend essentials.

How do you like to start your weekend?
I like to start the weekend early with a Friday afternoon beer at The End.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
I go early to the farmers market in West End, and then take the kids to various sporting events.

How do you like to unwind?
I like to go to Point Lookout for the weekend and enjoy some sun, surf and seafood with family and friends.

What are your essentials for a well-spent weekend?
The best weekends are spent with my family and, ideally, are supplemented with a Collingwood victory.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to do on the weekend but haven’t got around to yet?
Apart from cleaning the shed, I want to fly to Alice Springs, hire a camper van and go for a drive. It might be a long weekend.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday evening?
Finish a long lunch.

What are you looking forward to next weekend?
Catching up with my wife and kids, who return from visiting relatives in Brazil.

What are you reading at the moment?
There are always a few books on the go. Currently I am reading The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton, Robert Riddel’s new book about Robin Dods, and The Lighthouse by Alison Moore.

What inspires you?
Travel and super-low-tech design and art.

What was your childhood dream?
I can never seem to remember my dreams.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Getting paid for doing something I love doing.

What is success to you?
Gardening in a new pair of Speedos.

What are your words of wisdom?
Be the source.

Only a local would know … West End Coffee House serves fantastic Thai food with cold-drip coffee.

Perk up …
In my shed making prototypes
Relax … In bed
Dine … Montrachet, Paddington
Indulge … My backyard
Shop … GOMA store
Catch-up … Super Whatnot, Brisbane City
Be inspired … GOMA


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