Yakiniku Hachi

Yakiniku Hachi at FudoDori is a eatery that specialises in Japanese-style barbecue – think charcoal-grilled fare and tantalising sides. A raw, light-industrial interior sets the scene for some serious grilling. Polished extractor fans help minimise the aroma sinking into your clothes and hair. These fans descend from the ceiling, snatching the grill smoke as it rises and sending it to an impressive electromagnetic filter system installed in the ceiling. Although the layout caters more for groups, Yakiniku Hachi also has bench seating facing the kitchen, where solo diners or pairs can grill underneath smaller fans built into the counter. Various morsels (wagyu steaks with a marble score of 9+, beef ribs, pork loin, butterfly cut prawns, seasonal vegetables) are quickly marinated and laid gently on top of a glowing shichirin charcoal pot and cooked to your liking. While your order cooks, consider bolstering the feast with some sides – Yakiniku Hachi’s menu also includes the likes of shio-seasoned cabbage, whole tomato salad, octopus karaage, wakame salads and more. Also worth noting is the selection of sizzling yaki curries and spicy soups, which will help fill any gaps. Once its liquor license is approved, Yakiniku Hachi will unveil a drinks menu including sake, Asahi, Hachi Lager (the restaurant’s own light and crisp house beer) and a selection of chuhai (shochu-based mixed drinks).


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