The Tutti Frutti Van

On the grassy green overlooking the river, The Tutti Frutti Van rolls in to set up shop in its purpose built 1950s retro-styled caravan. As the Eat Street Markets fill up, hundreds of curious patrons are drawn to the charming planter boxes lit up with fairy lights,bunting, white picket fencing, a table and chair and scattered deck chairs. The Tutti Frutti Van operator Tracy Keats concocts a wide range of beverages for Eat Street patrons to enjoy. Homemade pink lemonade (with less than a teaspoon of sugar) and the 100% fruit strawberry daiquiri are the firm favourites. Pineapple sangria, Sunny Coast Lemonade (the old-fashioned kind), and fruit-infused iced teas of mojito, berry and tropical passionfruit also keep thirsty market dwellers delighted. All drinks are served up in BPA-free recyclable jars with daisy lids that can be refilled again, taken home to house your own smoothies or used again at your next visit.


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