The Doughnut Bar Wintergarden

Not content with just doughnuts, cronuts, coffee and extreme shakes, The Doughnut Bar opened its new Wintergarden store with a swag of new items to tuck into. The most unique item of the new additions is scrolled ice-cream. This new sweet-treat craze was gangbusters in Melbourne, and Brisbane residents can get a taste of this unique ice-cream experience at The Doughnut Bar. This low-sugar, low-fat and low-air alternative to traditional ice cream is created using specially imported cold plates that free gelato liquid to minus 20 degrees. Flavours include unique options such as Dorito, salted caramel, Tiny Teddies and matcha, complementing the extensive range of sweet treats already on hand. The Doughnut Bar shop also serves Blackboard Coffee for those needing a caffeine hit whilst wandering through Brisbane City.


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