The Coffee Commune

When Phillip Di Bella exited his role as managing director of Di Bella Coffee in 2017, he decided his next move would involve a return to his roots. Having built Di Bella Coffee from the ground up after founding the company in 2002, Phil knows the extreme difficulty small-scale operators experience when trying to break into the coffee industry. Phil’s new project, Bowen Hills incubator The Coffee Commune, is described as a coffee-lover’s mecca – a place where hobbyists and professionals can gather to collaborate, connect and create, establishing a support network for big and small players within the coffee industry. The Coffee Commune boasts an incredibly multifaceted offering, which encompasses bean supply, roasting, brewing and more. Housed within The Coffee Commune is International Coffee Traders, which works to give roasters direct access to a network of green bean producers (available to sample in the on-site green bean room) from around the world. Additionally, The Coffee Commune boasts a state-of-the-art production and roasting facility, which is accessible to both coffee enthusiasts and small-scale roasting outfits looking to create a blend that’s unique to them. The third aspect of the hub is its membership program, which is open to baristas, cafe owners, suppliers and roasters seeking access to resources and tools to improve their business – think access to the best price for direct-trade coffee, access to training rooms to hone skills, workshops on how to operate professional machines and opportunities to make contacts within the industry. Shared workspace and meeting facilities are also available to all comers, including complimentary education resources through The Coffee Commune’s Thought Leadership series. Last (but certainly not least) is The Coffee Commune’s on-site cafe, which serves hearty breakfast and lunch dishes (and top-notch coffee, naturally) to the public.


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