The Brunch Box

The nine to five grind takes its toll on all of us, and it takes a superhuman effort sometimes just to make sure you get out of bed and to work on time. If you work or live in Milton, The Brunch Box might be just the place to help ensure your diet doesn’t go to the dogs in the midst of the working week. Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, The Brunch Box puts together a series of pre-packed lunches consisting of everything you need to get through the day. There are four categories of boxes to choose from including fresh and healthy, hot roll, baked goods and sandwiches. Each box comes with your choice of lunch item paired with seasonal fruit, a bite-sized cake and a bottle of water. Select from items such as chargrilled veggies, roast lamb, Italian lasagne and teriyaki chicken wraps or buy individual items such as hot dogs and pulled-pork rolls to grab and go. If you skipped breakfast, The Brunch Box also serves a range of day starters including bacon and egg rolls, acai bowls and avocado on toast. All brunch box items are prepared fresh on site each day, with a range of protein shakes, smoothies, tea and coffee also available. In a hurry? Don’t worry – The Brunch Box is there to help you out.


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