The Bottleshop Neighbourhood Provisions

The local bottle-shop is an important neighbourhood fixture. As out tastes in booze diversify, our local bottle-o’s are also shaking up the formula in order to showcase a broader range of quaffing material. The Bottleshop Neighbourhood Provisions in Mitchelton is a stellar example of what a bottle-shop can be. The store opened in mid-2021 as part of the expansion efforts of Mitchelton bar The Woods. After taking over a neighbouring space, the crew elected to divide the space in two, opening a bottle-shop in the street-facing half. The bottle-shop and providore is operated by a knowledgable tandem comprised of Steve Powell and Timmy Hughes, a dynamic duo charged with curating the store’s selection of craft beer, wine, spirits and provisions. Here, the team has created an adventurous and ever-changing offering assembled via a collaborative process between staff and customer. As The Woods is a neighbourhood local, the bottle-shop also prides itself on catering to the demands of its geographical radius. The resulting array boasts a broad cross-section of libations to choose from, showcasing finger-on-the-pulse nowness to timeless classics. Guests will find everything from recognisable drops to limited-edition beers, new-wave vino and small-batch spirits (including some Australian equivalents of cointreau and Campari), with a fluid nature ensuring there’s something different to try every visit. A larder also holds a bounty of small goods, cheeses and pantry fillers – plenty of essentials to create a terrific weekend entertaining spread.


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