The Botanist Kitchen & Bar

When you go on holiday, you can be forgiven for letting yourself go a little bit. Diets be damned – travelling is meant to be fun, and there’s nothing better than sampling all the cuisine you can get your chompers around. If you’re itching to start your culinary journey early, you can do so at the airport. The International Terminal at Brisbane Airport has got the goods when it comes to dining, and The Botanist Kitchen & Bar is a great spot to start feasting. Situated before security, The Boatnist can cater to breakfast, lunch and dinner cravings with everything you could want. Sip on delicious barista-made coffee while munching on fresh pastries, avocado and fetta on toast or pancakes with fresh berries and ice-cream, or sip on some beer or wine while devouring a burger or healthy salad (if you are sticking to the diet until you touch down). The location offers some great views of the terminal, and is an ideal spot for a final catch-up with friends or family before departing.


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