Sol Breads

The distinct aroma of freshly baked bread billowing out of the oven at Sol Breads is enough to warrant an investigation. Looking through the large glass pane windows at Sol Breads on Vulture Street, rows of different varieties of bread are placed on wire racks ready for folk to stop by and pick up their milk and most importantly, bread. Serving cooked breakfast, fresh sandwiches, seasonal salads and soups, Sol Breads’ fare is honest and wholesome. Since opening in 1999, the cafe has been dedicated to providing an alternative to mass-produced products, expanding to include a variety of organic wheat, wheat-free and gluten-free breads. Baking bread in the traditions of a true artisan, Sol Breads incorporates time-honoured European sourdough techniques, creating naturally leavened organic sourdough and healthy, nutritious, handcrafted loaves using wholefood ingredients, without chemicals or other additives and agents. Sourdoughs include olive and thyme wheat sourdough, pumpkin and pepita wheat sourdough and walnut wheat sourdough.


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