Simply for Strings

Marked by original stained-glass windows and a picket fence with boldly coloured old violins attached to it, Simply For Strings in Red Hill inspires exploration into the world of music. Entrance is via blue-trimmed arched doors and in the front room violins cover the left wall. A quick glimpse to the back of the room makes visitors hurry through the hallway to see what awaits them. A grand room with high ceilings is filled with cellos, violas, double basses and violins, and a piano waits patiently and authoritatively in the corner. Luscious deep-brown leather couches make this space seem unhurried and welcoming and are complemented by plush pillows – making you want to spend the rest of the day curled up listening to Mozart and Beethoven. In a corner, a library of musical scores begs to be played with passion and sincerity. The sheet music can be viewed and studied on a large wooden table, hand-made from a Tasmanian Blackwood tree that the owners salvaged after it was struck by lightning. The stage area looks out through wide open-glass windows as high as the ceilings, over Brisbane’s treasured inner suburbs, allowing for an expanse of natural light to illuminate the interior and bounce off the crisp white walls. It’s easy to imagine this space being momentarily converted into an art gallery and concert room, and filled with the melodic sounds of string ensembles. Guests would mingle as the sun goes down – with drinks and fresh canapes in hand – trying not to make too much noise with each step on the shiny wooden floorboards, for fear of meddling with the harmonious sounds of stringed instruments.


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