Sendok Garpu

Indonesian cuisine’s profile has risen across Brisbane in recent years, and a good portion of the credit can be laid at the feet of Alicia Martino – the owner of long-running Indonesian eatery Sendok Garpu. Her concept has grown from humble beginnings, starting in 2010 with a tiny takeaway joint in the heart of a Coopers Plains industrial complex before evolving into a fully fledged restaurant (located in Indooroopilly) in 2014. In 2022 Alica and her team began a fresh chapter with a relocation to the inner city. Sendok Garpu opened a new 200-sqm home in the heart of Elizabeth Street’s Asian street-food laneway FudoDori in June, luring in curious chow hunters a few week of teaser tastes ahead of its official opening (and full menu unveiling) in early July. The 100-seater’s offering includes a host of street-food-inspired dishes like pempek (Palembangnese fish cakes), batagor (deep fried chicken and fish dim sum), gado-gado (steamed mixed vegetables with tempeh, tofu and boiled egg), gulai domba aceh (Acehnese-style lamb curry), rendang sapi (spicy beef curry), a variety of Indonesian sate and a menu of plant-based options. Sendok Garpu will also boast a small grocery section featuring the likes of homemade rendang paste and packs of Indonesian coffee.


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