Rationale Skin Clinic

Sitting amongst the high-end retailers and eateries at the Emporium is the Rationale Skin Clinic. One of the preferred brands for leading dermatologists, Rationale has established itself as a stockist of reliable, high quality and delicate skincare products as well as expert skin consultants. The Rationale flagship skin clinic at the Emporium stocks the best products from their range – of special note is the Essential Six Collection, a premium assortment of essential cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that contain essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and lipids that enhance the natural potential of your skin. Book a consultation and head to the Emporium in Fortitude Valley to find out more about Rationale’s selection of hydrators, masks, body lotions and beauty kits and see why Rationale has led the skincare industry for more than 20 years.


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