Ramen Danbo

Iconic Japanese ramen chain Ramen Danbo first arrived in Australia in 2017, opening its first Australian shop in Southport before following up a year later with a smaller noodle pit stop in Surfers Paradise. Now, it’s Brisbane’s turn. Ramen Danbo opened its first Brisbane location (and third Australian outlet) in South Brisbane on the bustling thoroughfare of Merivale Street, bringing with it its signature tonkotsu-style ramen for noodle lovers to devour. The menu is concise, with six soup options available. In addition to the signature tonkotsu pork broth, one can select a negi-goma ramen with sliced spring onions and toasted sesame, miso tonkotsu, and a vegetarian soup that is made using a miso and konbu blend. Diners can alter their choice to make it perfect, dictating noodle firmness, the richness of soup and the level of spice. Rounding out the menu is a selection of sides, including one-bite pork and cabbage gyoza, chashu pork and takana donburi, and omusubi rice balls. Although a liquor license is still in the works, the Ramen Danbo crew plan to offer beers on tap in the near future.


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