Quincy’s Bar and Cafe

When opening a new bar or cafe, sourcing a great selection of eats and beverages is only half the battle. The space and the vibe one cultivates is also crucially important to any venue, which is why our ears perked up when we came across Quincy’s Bar and Cafe – a venue that purposefully pairs its offering with architectural flair. Base Architecture director Shawn Godwin is the brains behind Quincy’s Bar and Cafe – a Grange-based haunt that is inspired by the famous Los Angeles architect Archibald Quincy Jones. Boasting a cosy interior that has been expertly designed and constructed from steel, concrete and brick – seemingly hewn from the building’s supports – Quincy’s is a stylish spot to enjoy a tipple on the weekend or grab a cup of Mocopan coffee in the morning. An on-site kitchen (housed in a renovated bank vault) serves up bites such as Tiger Buck jerky, garlic dill crisps, olives, bar nuts and a charcuterie grazing platter, while the bar pours local craft beers and spirits, plus a selection of wines and cocktails.


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