Pirates Plate

While pirates no longer sail the high seas in search of treasure, a new breed of scallywag navigates around Brisbane streets, bringing the plunder to us directly. Pirates Plate is a rambunctiously themed food truck that brings some great street eats to spots all across town, satisfying hungry bounty hunters with the likes of burgers, schnitzels and meatballs. The captain of this vessel is Adam Hawkins, who overcame bowel cancer in 2014 and set about enjoying every day of his life since recovering – creating the lively Pirate-themed food truck that aims to bring joy to wherever it visits. In addition to overcoming hunger, Pirates Plate also supports Bowel Cancer Australia, and regularly raises funds to help improve the health and wellbeing of bowel cancer sufferers across Australia. Next time to see the black and red colourings of Pirates Plate’s wagon – don’t fear! Captain Hawko and crew invite you to come aboard and enjoy the sumptuous spoils of life as a pirate.


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