Pineapple Express

It’s time to put to rest once and for all the idea that healthy eating can’t be fun. Pineapple Express is the perfect example of a dispensary that does nourishing eats the right way, with a sunny and charming aesthetic, and scrumptious bites to boot. The Pineapple Express Superfood Box in Eatons Hill is a hugely popular spot for locals to get their healthy kick, with plenty of fresh, fun and tasty choices on offer. Patrons can pop in during the morning for a simple granola pot or freshly made toastie, or sample pulled-pork nachos with corn and quinoa chips, pancake platters and poke bowls. Those familiar with Pineapple Express’ other locations will be pleased to know that the popular breakfast bowls are also available, and come packed with acai and plenty fresh fruit for a killer day starter. As for the drinks, well the spectrum of selections is impressive – smoothie, frappes, fresh juices, coffee and tea are all available.


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