PH by Pho Hung

Located near Garden City’s bustling food court is PH by Pho Hung, a modern grab-and-go eatery that specialises in Vietnamese cuisine from the Saigon region. With an extensive menu showcasing the varied nature of Vietnamese cooking, PH by Pho Hung has something to cater to most tastes. The menu’s signature item is the beef noodle soup, otherwise known as pho. Served with flat rice noodles in beef brother and topped with sliced onions, shallots and bean sprouts, pho is one of the most satisfying meals around. Also available is a range of rice vermicelli salads, char-grilled skewers, rice paper wraps, rice dishes and mains including sizzling Mongolian beef, sweet and sour pork and salt and pepper squid. Take a break from shopping and fuel up on the fresh meals available at PH by Pho Hung.


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