Perspective Dining

Avant-garge cooking and left-field flavours abound at Fortitude Valley fine diner, Perspective Dining. Located in the old TC Beirne & Co building in Fortitude Valley, the 12-seat tasting-menu-only restaurant sees chef Andrew McCrea applying his unique skillset towards an imaginative, produce-driven menu where nothing is what it seems. Andrew, who is legally blind with only six percent vision, has spent his entire career honing his own style of cooking, frequently subverting flavours and textures, while adding in a hearty dose of emotional resonance. Perspective will serve a seasonal tasting menu ranging from anywhere between five to nine courses. There are two menus to choose from – one protein heavy and the other plant based, with each menu constructed from hyper-local ingredients. Expect classic French culinary foundations shaped and subverted by Andrew’s own fantastical avant-garde creativity, with curiously named dishes such as Old carrot new carrot (pickle, carrot milk and scratching), Duck duck…fig (Smoked honey, macadamia and monkey apple) and Cappuccino and custard (asparagus, oat, truffle water and custard square) featuring on the menu. Perspective Dining also offers matched wines, as well as a stand-alone beverage menu full of intriguing options.


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