Passion Tree

Taking the intensity of Shibuya toast down a notch, while still delivering a solid hit of decadent sweetness, Passion Tree is a dessert bar in Brisbane City. Taking inspiration from the patisseries of Paris and the chocolate mastery of Switzerland and melding these ideas with the natural fruit-based sweetness of pan-Asian saccharine recipes, Passion Tree proffers a smorgasbord of choices to tickle your sweet tooth. Pair a delicate gluten-free salted caramel macaron or rich chocolate truffle with your morning coffee or afternoon soda, or share the experience with a friend and go halves in a gooey pot of chocolate fondue. Decadent waffles and honey bread topped with peanut butter, strawberries and cream or banana walnut will fill ravenous tummies. The FroYo bar opens at 11:00 am each day and there’s free WiFi for those merging work and noshing times.


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