Paella Y Pa’ Mi

Fans of Spanish fare, say hola to Paella Y Pa’ Mi, Spanish-inspired bistro and wine bar perched on the junction Leicester Street and Martha Street. The eatery is the brainchild of co-owners Kevin Fredes and Manuela Volpe, who have sought to shine a spotlight on the iconic (but often underrepresented,) dish, paella. The venue’s name (which is pronounced ‘pah eh ya e pah me’) is a play on words, with ‘para ella’ translating to ‘for her’ and ‘pa mi’ meaning ‘for me’ – this wordplay communicates the ‘sharing is caring’ mentality that the restaurant and its signature dish embodies. Head chef Kevin is dipping into his Spanish and Chilean heritage, using his skills (honed under the mentorship of superstar chef Miguel Maestre) to create a menu based around, you guessed it, paella! Four varieties (Valenciana style, seafood, vegetarian and a signature variety named after the couple’s daughter Marysol) of paella are available, taking centre stage alongside a rotating selection of tapas. Organic and boutique wines with Spanish or Hispanic origins feature heavily across the beverage list, with little-known and hard-to-find options appearing. As for the space itself, expect a colour palette of pastel blue and cream, with Andalusian tiles and timber helping to exude a warm yet glamorous aesthetic. Paella Y Pa’ Mi boasts 12 tables (one reserved for large groups, the others for intimate pairings) spread across the interior and alfresco space, accomodating a total of 40 guests.


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