Ohio Cafe

Ohio Cafe has been a Clayfield comfort food institution for 65 years. Over this period of time it has maintained same high standard in service and taste, providing locals with a great selection of meals at great prices. Yogesh and Vrishali Koshe took over Ohio Cafe six years ago, and have studiously kept the same comfortable aesthetic while expanding the menu and keeping prices low. Ohio Cafe serves breakfast and lunch items, ranging from traditional favourites such as pancakes, sandwiches and burgers, to healthy salads and juices. The old-school diner feel has been maintained, with the original seating booths remaining from 1945 and the walls are adorned with photos from the cafes storied past. If you are after a regular chow spot with cheap and delicious meals and where the staff remembers your name, Ohio Cafe is the best name in town and has been since its inception.


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