Nutri Hitt Kitchen

Lovers of bite-sized raw treats, listen up! Brisbane-based health-food wholesaler Nutri Hitt has relocated from Racecourse Road to Albion, and rebranded to become Nutri Hitt Kitchen. The specialty raw cake store has evolved since its humble market beginnings, blossoming into a sweet-treat powerhouse and brunch spot all in one. The Albion cafe space is still the spot to go to purchase a full-sized raw cake to brighten your birthday, delight your dinner guests or please your pals. In addition to this, another cabinet is chock-full of smaller treats (each of which also dairy-, gluten- and refined-sugar free), as well as fresh salads, rice-paper rolls, gluten-free wraps, egg-and-bacon sandwiches and even bone-warming curries come winter. Those dining in can expect the return of Nutri Hitt’s popular waffles (flavours will rotate monthly), as well as matcha French toast, nourish bowls, vegan eggs benedict and more, with all menu items able to be served vegan if desired. Bear Bones has been selected for Nutri Hitt’s coffee supplier, will a full roster of milk alternatives on hand. Rounding out the selection is a range of smoothies, tea and turmeric and beetroot lattes.


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