New Farm Deli and Cafe

New Farm Deli and Cafe is a local institution, full of continental delights from cold meats to handmade gelato and gourmet provisions. Giant fridges and shelves are bursting with delicious cheese wheels, pasta, olives, cured meats, sweets and oils, while the in-house cafe sends beautiful aromas wafting out to the al fresco dining areas. New Farm Deli and Cafe serves up a deli-style breakfast and lunch celebrating fresh gourmet ingredients bursting with flavour. In 2019 tragedy struck, with New Farm Deli consumed by an accidental fire. Less than five months on from the incident, New Farm Deli was rebuilt from scratch, with New Farm Deli’s owners Vince and Maria Anello reconsituting many of the elements from the original deli-cafe’s design (cabinetry, wine racks and finishes) but have also added some modern additions to the kitchen to cater for an increased customer demand. New Farm Deli is back and better than ever, serving its full array of providore goods with plans to expand its menu in 2020.



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