Needlefruit Sewing Lounge

After teaching sewing as a part-time hobby, Kristina Pusakowa decided to open her own space in Paddington. Catering to the increasing demand for a quality fabric hub in Brisbane’s west, Needlefruit Sewing Lounge provides all the essentials and know-how advice one needs to start sewing. Sharing space with yarn, knitting and crochet supply store Knitch, Needlefruit specialises in sewing machine rental, patterns from boutique manufacturers, vibrant fabrics and starter packs. Those looking to experiment with their sewing can purchase fabrics from Japan and Europe, made from versatile and natural fibres, as well as patterns for men and women’s clothing items. Needlefruit hosts regular classes for beginners and intermediates – attendees are free to bring their own machine or use one of the quality machines on hand by Janome. Needlefruit welcomes everyone to come and spend some time learning the art of sewing in a friendly, communal environment.


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