Mundo Churrasco Bardon

Tantalising Brisbane carnivores with its Brazilian barbecue menu is Bardon restaurant Mundo Churrasco. The favourite way to serve meat at a Brazilian Churrasco (barbecue) is called Rodizio, which sees a wide variety of meats cooked and served on long skewers. Slowly roasted over an open flame pit of organic charcoal, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and chorizo can be accompanied by the traditional Chimichurri sauce, mint pesto or apple chilli jam. Generously sized sides include rice croquettes filled with chicken and cheese, quinoa salad and marinated olives, while dessert takes the form of churros or creme caramel. Using local Australian produce to shape a traditional Brazilian barbecue, Mundo Churrasco crafts nothing shy of a feast for the senses.


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