Mr America Hotdogs and Fries

Simon Darraugh was inspired to start Mr America Hotdogs and Fries after a trip to the U.S. where he fell in love with the concept of themed food trucks serving cool food across town. Simon embraced American cuisine and chose to focus on a concise menu revolving around the iconic combo of hotdog and fries. If you are fortunate enough to catch Mr America Hotdogs and Fries out and about, you can select from popular items including the North Carolina BBQ Dog on a freshly-steamed bun, steamed frankfurt, shredded cheese, diced red onion and smoked hickory BBQ sauce or the Kentucky loaded fries coated in Cajun spice, Swiss cheese, diced fried bacon and ranch dressing. Mr America serves a range of hotdogs, burgers and fries at an array of events around Brisbane, with all food on board tallying $10 or less. Check out the Mr America Hotdogs and Fries Instagram to track the truck’s movements or simply follow the scent of deliciousness.


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