MAO Latin Dining

MAO Latin Dining is a Paddington eatery specialising in cuisine from Central and South America. Helmed by fine-dining chef Eduardo Obando and his partner Paula Torres, the restaurant seeks to shine a light on iconic dishes from this part of the world, elevated using some impressive culinary techniques. MAO’s menu kicks off with an assortment of tacos, with fillings including Baja fish, beef brisket and pork (the latter two slow cooked for 24 hours) before the menu points south, taking in Colombian snacks like beef and potato empanadas and charcoal-grilled corn coated in fresh cheese, as well as small Peruvian dishes like kingfish ceviche, fried calamari and prawn-stuffed wontons. MAO’s selection of larger plates include two salads (each named after Eduardo and Paula’s grandmothers), tamal valluno (pork and chicken wrapped in corn dough and cooked in banana leaf),twice-cooked pork belly with aji salsa, fish of the day slow cooked with coconut cream and steak rider, a 9+ wagyu rump served with Colombian creole sauce and fried egg. MAO’s beverage list is tight, but loaded with plenty of fun libations. In addition to a selection of classic cocktails, Paula whips up a trio of house specialties including a mezcal margarita, a spicy margarita and a spin on the piña colada. The beer offering boasts Dos Equis on tap and bottles of Club Colombia, with an assortment of micheladas (beer served with lime in a Tajin-lined rim) on offer alongside thirst-quenching sodas.



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