London Spuds

The humble baked potato has been deserving of time in the limelight for a while now, so when we heard news of a food truck distributing delicious baked spuds around town we flipped our lids in excitement. London Spuds is a family-operated wagon that is slinging baked potatoes topped with all sorts of delicious extras. With a strong British lean, London Spuds have named all of their dishes after English icons – fictional and real. The ‘Harry Potter’ spud is topped with homemade beef Bolognese, cheese, sour cream and chives, the ‘Dr Who’ is lathered in butter, baked beans, cheese and sour cream, and the ‘David Beckham’ comes with fresh mushrooms, crunchy salad and more. All spuds and ingredients are gluten free, and vegan options are available upon request. You can catch London Spuds cruising around town, but you can also follow their movements through Facebook or Instagram.


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