Lick! Ice-Cream

After 11 years as a wholesaler and boutique custom ice-cream manufacturer, Lick! Ice Cream finally opened a creamery of its own in November 2015. Located on Honour Avenue in Graceville, the ice-cream store serves up a range of inventive flavours in scoops and take-home packs, as well as a range of desserts, milk shakes, frappes and iced tea for patrons escaping the heat. Flavours such as caramelised miso, popcorn and Stradbroke honey, couverture dark chocolate, Turkish apple tea sorbet and mandarin and mint sorbets fill the freezer, while desserts such as ice cream sandwiches and Doffles (a doughnut and waffle hybrid) are available as a post-movie treat. Lick! Ice Cream is open late for those looking to indulge after hours.


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