Let Minnow Cafe + Bar

Now let’s clear something up from the very beginning – a minnow is a small freshwater or saltwater fish that is often kept in aquariums. Starting to make a bit more sense now? With the building’s history in mind, its new owner Lauren McNamara and her family decided that the cafe should pay homage to the old aquarium that once resided in the building, while at the same time appealing to her quirky sense of humour. The name Let Minnow was thought of, and from there the fishy puns began (which are unashamedly embraced throughout the cafe). While you will find sardines on Let Minnow’s seasonal menu, the food options extend much further than those of the pescatarian variety. Breakfast options range from The Breakfast Charcuterie to The Sweet Tooth waffle, and you can ‘let minnow’ if you want to add sides. For lunch you can select from sandwiches in the cabinet, or opt for banh mi, burgers, tacos and more. There are also plenty of options for those with dietary requirements, including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. To celebrate its third go around the sun, the Let Minnow team unveiled a new bar element in 2018, serving up biodynamic and organic wine selection from Spain and Australia, as well as pintxos-style snacks and small, medium and large share plates.


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