La Cache à Vín

La Cache à Vín is a sophisticated and warm restaurant that comes from the mind of acclaimed chef and wine importer Thierry Galichet. Set within a subterranean space in Spring Hill, Thierry designed La Cache à Vín to evoke the restaurant scene of Burgundy in France. The venues aesthetic blends rustic charm with sophisticated flair, fleshed out with smaller design touches that reward closer inspection. In 2022,Thierry sold La Cache à Vín to long-time restaurant manager Romain Maunier and top-flight chef Dan Arnold, who have since carried on Thierry’s legacy and maintaining La Cache à Vín’s high-quality level of service. The menu features the likes of Escargots à la Basquaise (snails served with onions, capsicum, tomato butter and olive crumb), soupe à l’oignon et crouton au fromage (onion soup and cheese croutons), braised lamb shanks with white beans, capsicum and lamb jus scented with thyme, eye fillet served with homemade French fries and green salad, and chocolate and Ccgnac ganache with hazelnut ice-cream. La Cache à Vín also prides itself in its impressive selection of wines, with a chardonnay and pinot noir focus showcasing Burgundy’s finest drops, as well as a smaller array of wines from Alsace, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and others.


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