Kürtősh is a patisserie dedicated to home-style sweets and desserts – the kind of confections that are as close to the original homemade recipes as possible. The concept, which launched in Sydney in 2012, specialises in slab cakes, chimney cakes, pastries and specialty coffee, which is a killer combo for any sweet-treat seeker. The name Kürtősh is inspired by the iconic Hungarian chimney cake, kürtőskalács, which is its signature item. A coiled bundle of dough is baked and caramelised to order before being topped with your choice of sugar, nuts or sauce. Kürtősh’s slab cakes are portioned out by weight, allowing guests to try several flavours every time they visit. Options include flavours like sticky apple and walnut, flourless chocolate cake, hazelnut truffle slab, peanut butter ganache and raspberry cheesecake, to name a few. The patisserie’s offering also includes heart-shaped puff-pastry palmiers, savoury pastries, chocolate fudge cookies, brandy balls, biscotti, babka loaves and more. A coffee counter at the rear of the space is where you’ll be able to grab a cup of delicious specialty brew (Kürtősh serves a medium roast house blend made in collaboration with a Sydney roastery that is delicious black or served with milk) or tea from TeaCraft.


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