KuKi – Opening Soon

If you’re a sucker for eating cookie dough straight from the bowl, you’re in for a real treat. KuKi is a soon-to-launch market stall specialising in – you guessed it – cookie dough. You can ignore those usual warnings about eating raw cookie dough – KuKi’s dough is homemade using all locally sourced ingredients, using a special preparation method and pasteurised eggs to ensure any harmful bacteria is removed. The dough will be served much like ice-cream, scooped in a cup or cone, with starting flavours including the vegan The Original, The Chocolate (chocolate cookie dough with choc chips) and the PB Crunch (cookie dough with peanut butter, crushed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and peanuts). KuKi is due to launch late-July/early-August at markets around town – we’ll keep you posted once you can get your hands on a scoop.


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