Kor Dak

After winning over the hearts and tastebuds of market goers, Kor Dak opened its own bricks-and-mortar eatery in West End in early 2024. Here, the team has expanded on its menu of Korean-style street eats, adding to an offering that starts with its signature item, the jumbo-sized dakkochi – 30-cm-long skewers that came in six kinds of flavours. Guests can also pop in to devour the likes of tteokbokki (with an original spicy option available alongside a creamy carbonara variation), sweet-soy beef bibimbap, rolls of sushi-like kimbap, Korean-style fried chicken (coated in your choice of sticky sweet chilli or garlic soy sauce) and a cluster of snack-style bites like potato tornados, Korean-style corn dogs, cabbage pancaks, fish cake sticks and mandu (Korean dumplings). The menu is constantly evolving, so be sure to pop in often to see what the Kor Dak team has whipped up.


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