King Lear’s Throne

To get a sense of what King Lear’s Throne is all about, you first need to decipher the name. King Lear is cockney rhyming slang for beer, while throne is another term for toilet or, in this instance, can. Put this cheeky combination together and you have a beer bar specialising in tinned beverages. The brainchild of hospitality veteran Ken Parry, King Lear’s Throne is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hideaway situated in the heart of Fortitude Valley. Behind black-out doors you’ll find the cosy hideaway, which has been designed to be a reflection of Ken’s own tastes. Purposefully darker and dingier than most watering holes around, King Lear’s Throne is welcoming to all comers, offering a curated selection of beverages from craft and mainstream beers to a range of wines and top-shelf spirits dictated by Ken’s comprehensive tastes. All cans are recycled, with proceeds from the recycling process going directly to charity. The interior of the bar is also adorned with artwork from local artists, which can be purchased right off the wall. Sit up at the bar for a chat, go head-to-head with a mate at the foosball table or take turns at the Mortal Kombat arcade game in the corner – King Lear’s Throne caters to many tastes, making it a must-try oasis for those looking to slow down.


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