Quentin Tarantino’s masterful two-part film Kill Bill is a cult favourite for many – a martial-arts epic that has endured thanks to its stylised cinematography, iconic action scenes and effortlessly cool aesthetics. Fortitude Valley’s new hidden bar and eatery Kiddo (named after Kill Bill’s lead character Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride aka Black Mamba – played by Uma Thurman) is taking some cues from QT’s blood-soaked saga. The spot occupies a cosy space in California Lane (the former home of Shishou Sake Bar), and is an exclusive high-energy bar boasting moody vibes, Japanese-fusion eats and a cocktail list of incredibly creative concoctions. The aesthetic, which features a dark palette accentuated by vibrant red lights – boasts numerous nods to the films for Quentin Tarantino and his inspirations, with elements of the decor hiding clues for Kiddo’s secret menu.


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