JUCY Car and Campervan Hire

To the beach or the bush, the need to get away is one that’s hard to ignore and few things are as freeing as packing a bag, picking a direction and hitting the road. While roughing it is fine, loading into a campervan provides the best of both words (comfort and camping), and JUCY is a name synonymous with easy adventuring. If you’ve got a road trip planned in the near future, JUCY’s got an array of options that’ll help you get to your destination in comfort, from the fleet of reliable cars or a parade of campers for the lengthier sojourns. Cosy hatchbacks, roomier sedans and eight-seater vans are perfect for city cruising or quick trips, otherwise the El Cheapo sleeper campervan is perfect for avoiding grimy hostel stays, the signature green-and-purple Crib camper comes with a custom-built kitchen for creature-comfort camping, while the Champ boasts a penthouse pod bed (imported from Italy) – perfect for surfing trips where you’ll want to snag a prime parking space near the beach. Each option comes with a host of amenities suited to your holiday of choice – head to the JUCY website to browse the range and lock in a chariot for your next escape.



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