Istanbul Eats

The trusty kebab is more than just a late-night staple – it is a dish with loads of historical and cultural significance. Istanbul Eats is a mobile dispensary that specialises in whipping up authentic Turkish kebabs and serving them up all around town. The team at Istanbul Eats sets the atmosphere at every stop with its own wooden tables and seats, before getting to work carving and dishing out the meaty goodness. If you are craving a feed, Istanbul Eats can easily handle any hunger level. First off, we suggest the loaded halal snack pack selection, which layers hot chips with your choice of beef, lamb, chicken or felafel and tops it all with cheese and sauce. Other options include freshly grilled pita kebabs with all the trimmings, burgers, milkshakes and Turkish desserts. Head to the Istanbul Eats Facebook page to find out where you can get your fix every week.


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