Hokka Hokka

The flavours of Asia are some of the most diverse in the world, with ingredients and tastes differing from country to country. Hokka Hokka in the Wintergarden is a neat eatery that looks to imbue influences from different countries into a pan-Asian eating experience. Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian inspirations are filtered into the Hokka Hokka selection, which offers an incredible spectrum of choice. Options include the signature sweet-and-sour pork, chicken laksa, Guilin beef noodle soup, Malay chicken curry and Thai chilli chicken with Hokkein noodles. While the main menu is stacked with winners, it’s Hokka Hokka’s DIY options that offer the most selection. If you have a particular craving, you can make your own noodle dish complete with your choice of protein, vegetables, sauce and, of course, oodles of noodles.


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