Heere Tea

One of the most popular food crazes of recent years has arrived in Australia! Heere Tea in Sunnybank Plaza is one of the first spots in town to offer a range of intriguing cheese teas – a trend that has been made popular in China. Heere Tea’s selection encompasses a wide variety of teas, from fruit-based concoctions and classic teas to milk teas and beyond. The cheese tea selection starts with a choice of low fat and full-cream varieties, which is then paired with your preferred tea. The majority of the tea range can be topped with frothy cheese, with the likes of watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple, mango and mixed berry teas boasting an enticing cheesecake flavour. Cheese-free hot teas are available, and iced milk teas with flavours such as oreo, brulee and bubble milk are also up for grabs. Seasonal and limited-edition flavours made from fresh ingredients will pop in and out of the menu, and a dessert offering will also be implemented for the perfect post-dinner treat.


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