Guzman y Gomez Wintergarden

There’s something so comforting about unwrapping the foil from a perfectly proportioned burrito – and few feelings can match the joy of sinking your teeth into that first flavoursome bite. It’s the kind of experience that Guzman y Gomez looks to provide daily, and it’s also why the Mexican-food chain has boomed in popularity over recent years. With its eye-catching yellow-branded taquerias popping up all over Brisbane, it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of Mexican food mania. Guzman y Gomez offers stuffed burritos, soft- and hard-shell tacos, hearty nachos, cheesy quesadillas, salads and desserts – enough variety to prevent you from getting bored. The Wintergarden outlet is a handy spot to get a fix – the only issue is choosing between each delicious option.

Want to skip the queue and score a free burrito while you’re at it? All you have to do is download the Guzman y Gomez app – find out more here


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